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Handicap System

For the most part, HCPs are based on your potential and not your overall average.

To begin the season, HCPs are based on an AVERAGE of 3 values:  your 2 BEST scores from the previous season AND your actual average over the past 22 league rounds.  If you have less than 10 scores posted during this period, we will use your BEST 1 score and 1 DUMMY score that reflects your potential. As the season progresses, your BEST 2 will be comprised from this year and last year.

For NEW players, HCPs will be based on an AVERAGE of 3 values:  2 DUMMY scores that reflect your potential AND your actual season average, including 1 DUMMY score that reflects your expected average.

After the 10th week, we will use your BEST 2 scores from this season in place of the 2 scores from the previous season.  For players with less than 7 rounds posted, we will use your BEST 1 score and 1 DUMMY score that reflects your potential.