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A word from our Poll Director....

Good luck to everyone this season.  Thanks for participating.

WK 1:  Congratulations to Mark Rippole, Jason Klein, and John Foster, they all won 160.

WK 2:  Congratulations to Jason Klein, Perry Dougherty, and Toby George, they won 50 each.  There will be a 10 roll-over for the side pot.  The main pot was 320 and was won by Matt Annegan. 

WK 3:  Congratulations to Al Deltondo, he was the only winner this week.  He hit 33 and gets 320.  There will be a 170 roll-over for the side pot, making it 330 next week.

WK 4:  Congratulations to Tom Harper, he was the only winner this week.  He picked his team's total and won the side pot of 330.

WK 5:  Congratulations to Tom Green, he was the only 33 this week and won 640.  Also, congratulations to Kelly Leta, he was the only side pot winner.  Kelly won 160.

WK 6:  Congratulations to Perry Dougherty, he was the only winner this week.  He won the side pot of 160.  There will be a 320 roll-over for the main pot.

WK 7:  Screw you Tom Harper.  Tom won the side pot again.  It was worth 160 this time.  The main pot will be worth 960 next week.

WK 8:  No winners.  Main pot will be 1,280.  Side pot will be 320.

WK 9:  There were 3 winners splitting the Main pot of 1,280.  Oh wait, the Giants never kicked the extra point at the end of their game so they ended up with 32.  That means there were only 2 winners splitting the 1,280.  Congratulations to Bucky Cline and Kenny Beardsley, they get 640 each.  There were no winners in the Side pot.  It will be worth 480 next week.

WK 10:  There were no winners.  Both pots will be worth 640 next week.

WK 11:  Congratulations to Brad Crybaby, the Chiefs scored 33 and Brad won 640.  Also, congratulations to Pat Yaple and Mike Prokop.  Both of their teams scored their number and they won 320 each.

WK 12:  Congratulations to John Foster and Matt Annegan, they both scored 33 and won 160 each.  Also, congratulations to Joe Fishel and Scott Barnyak for scoring their number and winning 80 each.

WK 13:  Congratulations to Frank Guerra and Perry Dougherty, they both scored their number and win 80 each.  There was no winner for the main pot, next week it will be worth 640.

WK 14:  Congratulations to Bucky Cline, Darren McGee, Mark Broda, and Rob Thomas, they split the side pot and get 40 each.  Also, congratulations to Mr John Huber.  The Steelers scored 33 and John wins the main pot of 640.

WK 15:  Congratulations to Joe Fishel, the Patriots scored 33 and he won 320.  Also, congratulations to Jason Klein and Tom Green, both of their teams scored their number and will split the side pot getting 80 each.

WK 16:  Congratulations to Tom Green (again), and Paul Coultas, both of their teams scored their numbers and will split the side pot earning 80 each.  There was no 33 this week.

WK 17:  Congratulations to Jason Klein, Dale Baker, Doug Warzinski, and Al Deltondo, their teams scored their numbers and will split the side pot earning 40 each.  Again, there was no 33 this week, so the left-over 640 will go to a Superbowl poll.  Everyone will get 3 blocks, then there will be a lottery for the final 4 spots.